(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. consciousness, understanding; intellect; purpose, intention, opinion. See will, desire. —v. t. heed, obey; notice, tend; object to. See attention, care, belief, dislike.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [Intellectual potentiality]
Syn. soul, spirit, intellect, brain, consciousness, thought, mentality, intuition, perception, conception, intelligence, intellectuality, apperception, percipience, psyche, conscious, subconscious, ego, capacity, judgment, understanding, wisdom, genius, talent, reasoning, instinct, ratiocination, thinking principle, wit, mental faculties, intellectual faculties, creativity, ingenuity, intellectual powers, intellectual processes, gray matter*, brainstuff*, brainpower*, milk in the coconut*, what it takes*.
2. [Purpose]
Syn. intention, inclination, determination; see purpose 1 .
3. [Memory]
Syn. subconscious, remembrance, cognizance; see memory 1 .
bear ( or [m1]keep) in mind,
Syn. heed, recollect, recall; see remember 1 .
be in one's right mind,
Syn. be mentally well, be rational, be sane; see reason 2 .
be of one mind,
Syn. have the same opinion, concur, be in accord; see agree .
be of two minds,
Syn. be undecided, be irresolute, vacillate, ride the fence, sit on the fence; see also waver .
call to mind,
Syn. recall, recollect, bring to mind; see remember 1 .
change one's mind,
Syn. alter one's opinion, change one's views, decide against, recant, alter one's convictions, modify one's ideas, have second thoughts, have a change of heart, think better of something; see also change 1 .
give someone a piece of one's mind,
Syn. rebuke, confute, criticize; see censure .
have (a good or [m1]great or [m1]half a) mind to,
Syn. be inclined to, propose, tend to; see intend 1 .
have in mind,
4. recall, recollect, think of; see remember 1 .
5. purpose, propose, be inclined to; see intend 1 .
know one's own mind,
Syn. know oneself, be deliberate, have a plan; see know 1 .
make up one's mind,
Syn. form a definite opinion, choose, finalize; see decide 1 .
meeting of the minds,
Syn. concurrence, unity, harmony; see agreement 2 .
on one's mind,
Syn. occupying one's thoughts, causing concern, worrying one; see important 1 .
out of one's mind,
Syn. mentally ill, raving, mad, crazy; see insane 1 .
put in mind,
Syn. recall, inform, call attention to; see remind 2 .
set one's mind on,
Syn. determine, intend, plan; see decide 1 , intend 1 .
take one's mind off,
Syn. turn one's attention from, divert, change; see distract 1 .
to one's mind,
Syn. in one's opinion, as one sees it, according to one; see personally 2 .
1. [To obey]
Syn. be under the authority of, heed, do as told; see behave 2 , obey 1 .
2. [To give one's attention]
Syn. heed, attend, be attentive to; see regard 1 .
3. [To be careful]
Syn. tend, watch out for, have oversight of, take care, trouble, be wary, be concerned for, be solicitous, dislike, object, mind one's p 's and q 's*, have a care*, sleep with one eye open*, keep one's chin in*; see also care 2 .
Ant. neglect*, ignore, be careless.
4. [To remember]
Syn. recollect, recall, bring to mind; see remember 1 .
5. [To object to]
Syn. complain, deplore, be opposed to; see dislike , object 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. intelligence intellect, seat of consciousness, brains, head, thought, mentality, cognitive power, perception, wisdom, reason, wits, intuition, psyche. That little world.''—Samuel Rogers. An empire.''— Robert Southwell.
2. memory recollection, remembrance.
3. opinion belief, view, outlook, attitude, feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, conviction, notion.
4. sanity reason, rationality, stability, wits, judgment, soundness of mind, *marbles.
1. heed observe, pay attention to, notice, attend to, watch, abide by, follow.
2. look after care for, tend, babysit, protect, nurse.
3. care dislike, disapprove of, object, be opposed to, detest, care one way or another.
ANT.: 1. ignore, overlook. 2. neglect, ignore
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun 1. The seat of the faculty of intelligence and reason: brain, head. Informal: gray matter. See THOUGHTS. 2. The faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge: brain (often used in plural), brainpower, intellect, intelligence, mentality, sense, understanding, wit. Slang: smart (used in plural). See ABILITY, THOUGHTS. 3. A person of great mental ability: brain, intellect, intellectual, thinker. See ABILITY. 4. The thought processes characteristic of an individual or group: ethos, mentality, mindset, psyche, psychology. Idiom: what makes someone tick. See THOUGHTS. 5. Something believed or accepted as true by a person: belief, conviction, feeling, idea, notion, opinion, persuasion, position, sentiment, view. See OPINION. 6. A desire for a particular thing or activity: fancy, liking, pleasure, will. See LIKE. 7. A healthy mental state: lucidity, lucidness, reason, saneness, sanity, sense (often used in plural), soundness, wit (used in plural). Slang: marble (used in plural). See SANE. II verb 1. To be careful: beware, look out, watch out. Idioms: be on guard, be on the lookout, keep an eye peeled, take care (or heed). See AWARENESS, CAREFUL. 2. To renew an image or thought in the mind: bethink, recall, recollect, remember, reminisce, retain, revive, think. Idiom: bring to mind. See REMEMBER. 3. To perceive with a special effort of the senses or the mind: descry, detect, discern, distinguish, mark, note, notice, observe, remark, see. See KNOWLEDGE, SEE. 4. Regional. To have in mind as a goal or purpose: aim, contemplate, design, intend, mean1, plan, project, propose, purpose, target. See PLANNED, PURPOSE. 5. To act in conformity with: abide by, adhere, carry out, comply, conform, follow, keep, obey, observe. Idiom: toe the line (or mark). See ACCEPT, SAME. 6. To have an objection: care, object. See CONCERN. 7. To have the care and supervision of: attend, care for, look after, minister to, see to, tend2, watch. Idioms: keep an eye on, look out for, take care (or charge) of, take under one's wing. See CARE FOR.

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